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Snowtop - Woodland Spice & Green Apple Any Reviews?


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I need to place a order with Snowtop for some Cranberry Orange Spice. (One of my FAVS) I was wondering if anyone had any reviews for the Woodland Spice or Tart Green Apple. Or any other ones for that matter. I am using Paraffin.

I have tried the Baked Apples which was VERY GOOD. Country Grove was OK, but not exactly what I was looking for. Raspberry Dream very good OOB.

Has anybody tried these?

TIA for your help!

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Green Apple is awesome and super strong! Here are some of my other fav's in soy:

Baked Apples

Caramel Nut Cluster~ awesome mixed with green apple for caramel apple!

Honey Gardenia~ Super strong!

Orange Blossoms~awesome floral..super strong

Those are all the ones I have tried in wax. Hope it helps.

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I agree, Green Apple is awesome .... it's the best I've tested ... super strong. My Mac people love this Green Apple ... NOT a candy smell, but a true "fruit" type. Peanut Butter Cookie is also great ... smells just like you're baking ... very strong.

Actually, from the ones I've tested, the only one I don't like is Blueberry Muffin ... to my nose it has a vinegar type smell to it ... strange, but true.

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Here are the FOs I use or have tried with success in my soy blend.

True Lavender

Baby Hugs

Green Apple

Apple Pie


Apricot Medley

Mac Apple

Apple Jack & Peel

Caramel Nut Cluster


Evergreen PIne

Creamy Coconut Pie

Maple Sugar

Fresh Linen

Vanilla Bliss


Rose Boquet


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