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Straight wick pins?????

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Hello everyone!! I want introduce my self to all of you. I have been reading this board for a while but not needed to post till now. All of the info is great. Ang as you could have guessed a NewBee.

I am wondering if anyone has problems keeping there wick pins straight?

I have Made a few pillars and some of them pull to one side. Any and all help. Thank you everyone

The New Guy.

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You might need to bend them ever so slightly to get them to stay straight. Make sure when you're threading it through the hole (assuming you are doing it that way) that the sealer is balanced out to make it centered. Hope that makes sense. I personally had something made to work with molds and slide over the wick pin to hold it in place.

And welcome to the board.

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Hey new guy, welcome.

Here's the deal. The actual metal rod should be straight when you get it. If it's got any kind of curve in it, that's not going to be possible to totally fix short of maybe taking it to a machine shop. Likewise, never bend the pin along it's length because it will never be perfectly straight again.

What you can bend a bit is the connection between the pin and base, to make the rod straight up and down. The final adjustment is when you put the pin and the mold together. There'll be some space between the two with mold sealer in it, so you can rock the mold a bit to make the pin come up directly through the center.

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