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how do u make goat milk soap?


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If I'm using fresh milk, I freeze it into cubes first, then slowly add the lye to the slushy milk while stirring all the while.

If I'm using canned concentrate, I mix my lye in half the normal water amount then add the other half as chilled, liquid concentrated GM at trace.

If I'm using powder, I just whisk it in with my oils.

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Ohhh...I'm so glad you answered this, AJ! <as she furiously copies notes down> I found lye yesterday! :yay: I know it sounds like I discovered a new comet, but I was having trouble. After I found lye, I ordered a Mr. Do Right mold and a Misty Creek mold (gotta keep my options open!). This morning I found fresh goat's milk AND canned goat's milk at the store. :yay: Hehehe. And now I know what to do with them!

We now return you to the previously un-hijacked thread....


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You can use GM in any recipe in replacement of all or part of your liquid. You can add it all to the lye or just part of it and add the remaining amount at trace. When using liquid GM, which I prefer, I'm like Crafty and like to freeze it and add it to the lye slowly so not to curdle the milk. With the milk, it will heat up really quickly so you have to watch that. I try to not let any of my milk soaps gel but sometimes it happens. I've got a batch on the shelf that I made months ago that got partial gel. I've never packaged it up for sale because of it but I think it looks cool and use it at home. Here it is - GM soap scented with Oatmeal, Milk & Honey & ground oats on the top.


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