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Kenndey's Country Collection sale


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I posted this on the temp. board.

www.kennedyscountry.com is having a sale on tons of stuff 50-75% off (case quantities) and includes some of the soap bowls etc. that there was a co-op on a bit ago.

There is a $200.00 min. order and you do need a tax ID number to view the site. If you have an ID number you'll get access almost instantly. Just fill out the form, click the link in the confirmation email and Viola! you're in...lol


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After I saw your post on the temp board I went and looked at my catalog. They have the soap bowls in black w/white letter for .88, the blue splash large mugs with lids for $1.00 and some smaller plain color mugs for $1.13. I don't see the Welcome Friends bowl but they have the "the good stuffs in here" bowl for $1.50. I really want some of this stuff but not sure I need $200 worth. I am also not sure I am ready to do a co-op with this stuff again since most of it DOES NOT fit in any kind of box you can get from the post office and the last co-op I did with it just about made me a crazy woman :P

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LOL... I can imagine those things are awkward for shipping. Bet they were happy to see you coming...LOL

I'd be hesitant to do a co-op anyway cause of limited quantities and such....These prices are low enough that I would wonder if there's enough time to allow a full co-op anyway without running the risk of things selling out.

But can you just imagine how much stuff you can get for that $200.00?

I'm looking tho cause we are gonna be getting our income taxes back in about a week and a 1/2 soooooooo:laugh2:

and I just got an email from http://www.wholesalesuppliesplus.com that they now offer $6.95 shipping on orders of $0.00-25.00.:tiptoe:

Well the dream of actually using that money to pay off bills suddenly seems fleeting....lol:grin2:

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