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Bathbomb Experts Needed


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I finally got up off my butt and made bathbombs for the first time. They looked great, and had a good fizz, but here are my problems:

I didn't like the oily residue they left in the water

I didn't like the dye floating around on top of the water

My instructions weren't clear as to what type of dye to use, and which ingredients to add it to. I had separate mixing bowls for dry and wet ingredients. I used water based dye, which at first I added to my dry ingredients just a drop at a time (thank goodness), and I noticed they immediately started fizzing, so I figured that wasn't right.

My next bright idea was to get the oil based dyes out and try them. Dumb me, dropped oil in the dry ingredients and all it wanted to do was make a pie crust like bead for every drop I put in there.

So, I get the idea finally to add the dye to my wet ingredients. I shouldn't even admit it, but I put the water based dye in first and saw that it wasn't mixing, so at last I came to the conclusion to add oil based dye to my oils! They blended fine, but the oil based dye had a petroleum sort of odor to it.

For the oils I used 2 parts Rice Bran Oil to 1 part Hemp Seed Oil.

Can anyone advise me on the correct type of dye I should be using? Also, do you think there are better suited oils to use, or should I maybe just cut back on the amounts that I add?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Sounds like you need water based colorant such as FD&C's or other water disbursable ones.. The end product is going in water, so you need it to be able to dissolve in it. I color my dry stuff first, long before I add the citric. I do that LAST!

For the oils, add 2 parts turkey red oil (sulfanated castor oil) and it'll get rid of the oil slick...

Have fun!

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Just like Landa.. With your hand! And she's right with the gloves, without the gloves, the baking soda and all that stuff will suck the life out of your hands!

Lessen your oils and water/witch hazel too for the best results.. You'd be amazed at how little you really need!

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