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I had posted a recipe before for a shea sugar scrub that I have revised to this:

1 oz whipped shea

3/4 oz whipped cocoa butter

1 3/4 oz turbinado sugar

4 oz white sugar

3/4 oz grapeseed oil

Basically I find it much better in regard to greasiness since I took out the castor oil and slightly reduced the shea and cocoa. My question is this, to further reduce the oily afterfeel, would you guys recommend taking out the cocoa butter altogether and adding in more shea? I cannot figure out if shea or cocoa butter is more greasy.

Also, when making a sugar scrub, is it supposed to be really soft or more like a brown sugar consistency? I have been whipping the heck out of mine in the mixer to get it fluffy and find that it binds nicely together but when I put it in the jar it sets up after awhile and has a consistency of damp sand. Is this the consistency to be aiming for? Or is a scrub supposed to have less sugar and more oils? I'm not going for one of the scrubs that has a layer of oil on top though. When you are doing an emulsified scrub, do you need to use chemicals? Sorry this is such a long post, I'm fairly new to this scrub thing. Thanks so much everyone!

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Ok, speaking as a consumer, as I have never made these myself, the sugar scrubs that I've used are like "damp sand", never used one that was "whipped" at least I don't think so. ;)

I did receive one not too long ago, that was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too greasy for my liking, it was supposed to be a facial sugar scrub, but left a really greasy residue on my face (and body) which I definitely do NOT want on my face, KWIM? All the sugar kind of settled to the bottom with all the oils sitting on top, so that I had to "mix" it with my finger to be able to use it, and just didn't care for it at all.

Of course, I really don't like the sugar/salt scrubs that I've used anyway, to me the salt scrubs seem to dry my skin, and the sugar ones always attract those damn ants!

I'd rather have a scrub made with apricot kernel or such things as that. ;)

Anyway, don't really know that I was of any help to you, now that I look at my post. LOL

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