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suggestions for soy tarts?

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I've never really made tarts much (I have mixed soft & hard waxes, but didn't like it)....any suggetions on what wax to use? I was thinking a soy pillar blend, but would that hold enough FO? I want something that REALLY knocks your socks off (who doesnt lol). Is there a soy votive blend thats great for tarts?

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What are you using at the moment? Whichever manufacturer you are currently using for your container wax, most likely makes a votive/pillar blend as well. You can usually add more FO with a pillar wax than you can with a container wax. You will just have to experiment the FO load. Try 2oz per lb of wax when making tarts, and see if you get seepage. I wouldn’t recommend using a container wax with the clamshells, its can be hard to remove them since container wax does not pull away from the sides.

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I use the KY 100% Soy and mix in 2 - 3 oz (per lb) of the KY para-soy votive/tart wax. I generally use 1.5 oz pp of FO and the scent throw is awesome. Mixing the two really helps cut down on the costs too.

I've used this blend in the clamshells recently with great results. No problems at all with popping them out. :)

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