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I think Im doing something right!!!!!!!!!

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:yay: Guess what?? Im still using the ecosoya vb....and I made some tarts. I took all of your suggestions, I paid attention to the temp it heated to...and didnt let it get too hot, not more than 180-190...and then I added the FO at 175, then I stirred like CRAZY!!! And then I let it cool down to 130, stirred more, and then poured.....I already melted one of the Downy scented tarts, and OMG!!! It is STRONG!!!!!!!!!! It hasnt even cured!!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! I think its working!!! I used 1 ounce of oil to 8 ounces of wax. It seems to be working great. :D:yay:

So, Im going to try the votives again once my wicks get here, i got some rrd 34's according to some advice i was given and hopefully those work well. They are still getting a hairline circular crack sometimes though, but other than that I dont care so much if I have scent throw LOL. I guess if im going to sell them it does matter though. So thats the only issue so far. But it seems to be going better! Im happy!! lol. Only thing is..the tealights. My sisters are the only ones that are melting my tarts, and I think its cause her wicks have a hotter flame. Not sure. But the walmart tealights arnt cutting it. LOL. So anyway theres my news for the night, or morning, however you want to look at it. LOL

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Heh, your tarts certainly ought to be strong cuz that's 11% FO you're using.

Lately people are having success with small amounts of stearic acid to solve that cracking around the wick problem with Eco CBA. Maybe it would work with the VB.

Congratulations on your progress! That's the way it goes with candlemaking. Seldom a smooth road but you get rewarded for persistence.

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