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Please help with wick size!


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I made that 4 x 6.5 chunk pillar and I have no idea what size wick to use! I have 30 ply flat braid, 24 ply flat braid, and #1/0 square braid, all cotton wicks. Do you think one of these will work or should I try a different brand? I only have experience with the cotton and HTP, but my HTP's arent long enough. Please help !! All I need is a place to start..Thanks so much!

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There are other wicks you can use with veggie waxes, but I have no idea how to wick palm. If hawaiiansun doesn't see this you can drop her a line because i think she does a lot of that, or post in the vegetable wax section.

By the way:

Astorlite F - yes veggie

OK6228 - no veggie

J-223 - no veggie

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