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Cargill NatureWax Soy User ?


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I just got done testing the Cargill C-3 Nature Wax a few weeks ago and got NO HOT THROW at all with any of the FO's I tested.

I don't know why I keep testing waxes, cause I loooooooove the wax that I use, but I feel compelled to test every wax that is manufactured. LOL :rolleyes2 :lipsrseal

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Hi Lisa,

I have not tested it a whole lot, but it burns great and it frosts less than my current soy wax. But, these are my results and I know it can be different for others. I am not real sure on the throw yet. It must have not been REALLY GREAT or I would have continued to test it without delay. It had a better cold throw than the Ecosoyas in my opinion and the hot throw with a couple of the FO's I tested was pretty good, but I still think that the Calsoy has a better hot throw. To me Calsoy CB-3 has a great scent throw -- not with all oils but with a high percentage of the ones I have tested. I would have to test the C-3 more to know for sure. When working with soy you have to fine the right oils to throw in it. I find that when they throw well, it is GREAT!


Hey Terrie,

You crack me up. :D I know the feeling "I wonder.....if it may even be better than what I am using." lol I am getting much better at resisting.


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O.K. Now I am really going to confuse you.. :rolleyes2

I really like this wax.. I have been testing it now for a few months with each of my scents. I like the cold throw (might be just a wee bit weaker than my current soy, but not enough to make a big difference) The hot throw for me is great!!! IMHO

It pours hotter and sets up nicer. Less frosting than my current wax. It does get wetspots, but that does not bother me as long as it trows well. The big difference is the burn. I can wick down a lot with this wax and it burns so nice.

But as you can see, everyone has a different opinion..:eek:

It works for me so far...HTH :rolleyes2 :rolleyes2

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i for one get seeping on some oils @ 1oz per lb. i found if i heat the oil a bit & add it at 180 then stir like crazy it helps for the most part. as with all soy wax some fo's throw and some don't. i can have a c-3 candle with the best cold throw ever and it will have no hot throw at all. but when this wax has a hot throw it is wonderful! i find the cotton series wicks to work the best!!

hth :cheesy2:

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I've used C-3 for over a year now and I can work with it just. The only problem I have with it is the fact that you have to cure the candles for 5 days.

When properly cured, the candles throw well, Hot & cold.

I also add some C-2 to it as well. I've always done this because C-2 was a much better wax IMO.

I've never found a scent that won't throw in C-3. But this is JMO

I carry a scent line of over fifty scents and they all throw very well.

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