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'Nother Chunky


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I absolutely LOVE how this one turned out!!! Red, Blue, and Pink chunks, scented cinnamon, and OK6228 overpour scented fruit slices! Smells heavelnly!!! I love this wax! I can pour it over chunks at 175 and there's no bleeding!!! Yayyy!

I think the pic is better than the last one I posted also!

Oh, Also some votives, got 2 more in the making :)

Thanks for looking!





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Thanks Donita! I cant get over how pretty it is!!! This is by far the best candle I have made yet! The picture, although better than the last one, does not do it justice!! Now Im forced to go to WalMart and find a beautiful candle holder, cause its going on my desk at work for everyone to gawk at!! :)

Now, If I can just figure out how to wick the darn thing!!!

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Any suggestions on wicks? All I have is 30 ply flat braid, 24 ply flat braid, and #1/0 square braid...all cotton wicks. I have HTP wicks that would work if they were long enough!!

I think I need to place an order with Peak anyway, so lemme know which wick I should look for for this one! TIA!

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