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Milk Powders


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I have customers asking for goats milk soap, but since hubby wont let me have a goat, I guess that I will have to settle for the powder. My questions is when and how is this added??


My DH wont let me have a goat either. Doesn't it suck? I told him it would be fine in the living room and I am sure the cat and dog would love it. Oh well..

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We have a whole herd of goats, but I haven't taken to milking them yet! Maybe when I have some time, after my kiddies are all grown up (in about 20 years, LOL). Seriously, once I try reguarl CP with water, I will try the goats milk. We have one big nanny goat that should be great for milking (we have mostly pygmy crosses, so they are small).


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