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ARRGG Business name Blues


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Been spending some time on what to call my candle making business and came up with


was really excited untill i did a search on the internet to find someone already has it, i wonder if they have a trademark. lol Anyways, do any of you have or can help me think of a business name. I wana keep the name open because i wana deal with anything that smells. Soaps, sprays, candles, ...... so on and so forth.

any ideas or helpfull hints

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What about adding something to it...although, there are a bazillion "Scentsations" type names out there. I'm sure you could come up with something original to add.. I thought about Prairie Scentsations for awhile when I was trying to come up with mine. What's original about where you live, your name, your town?? More info please :wink2:

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I agree that the word "scentsations" is over-used. I just googled it got a lot of results - for different stores with that word as part of their name.

It's fine if you already have this name (like in Breanna's case) but if you're starting a new biz, you might as well pick something different, so that you don't get "lost" among all the other scentsations.

Another thing to consider is that having a name with mis-spelled words or words that aren't real words can sometimes make it hard for customers to find you. They make look you up in the phone book under the wrong (or correct, depending on how you look at it) spelling and not be able to find you.

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I don't know that these are fantastic, but I don't see them posted here all of the time anyway. :laugh2:

Aroma Palace

Scented Home Treasures

Scented Home Pleasures

Country (or Elegant) Wax & Bath

Iinsert your city or state's name, or some other exotic or meaningful place before "Candle & Bath Shop"

I hope that these will get some ideas flowing for you. I find it's always much easier to mix thing up, add a word or two, take a word out, and the next thing you know, you've got a new name!

I think if we could learn a little bit more about your shop it would point us more in the direction we should take with suggestions. Is your shop, or candles primarily country or primitive, modern/trendy or more traditional classic/conservative look? Are you selling any other gift items besides candles right now? Do you have an actual store front or is it strictly internet?

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well my candles are contemperay (SP?) .... premium candles. Best of the Best:cool2: if you will. I dont wana do anything related to location or hometowns because if i grow or move, it wouldnt sound right. If i started in lets say texas and the name of bus. was texas candles and i open a shop in NC. wouldnt be a good seller. Texas candles in NC (hope you follow)

I do agree now, scentsations is a very popular name, i didnt know this till i searched the internet, ouch, lol.

I think that a business name is very important, and the name/logo popularity is soooo inportant and needs to be built and properly addvertised.

wouldnt yall agree? i mean (just for example) people pay higher prices for Yankee candles because they think there getting a better quality product. But lets face the facts, you can get just as good candle from wal-mart if not better for half the price. Its all about the Name brand. People pay for it!

im thinking something easy.... something that will stand out but not to flashy

keeping it open for candles/soaps... anything that smells sorta say

most of these names have been used and will most likely blend in with the others.. aroma... scentsations... heavenly scents... im guessing i should go just a plain name with like ...... candle co.

candlemans candle co. lol

I guess ill keep my mind open and work with it some more... this could be harder than i expected

thanks for everyones replys so far

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I'd disagree with your assumption on Yankee, but that's just me.

I think if you're looking for a business name it should be something that fits or sits with you instead of what others come up with. Now that being said, pull out a thesaraus and start looking for word replacements and make a list of what you like or rings a tone with you etc. Then see how it connects with the look you're thinking about. You can't always make everything fit.

Not knowing you from Adam, or Eve for that matter ...

Personally not a fan of Scentsations. I was about 10 years ago lol.

I also think it doesn't have a contemporary chime to it either.

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Im with Scented-- it is rather "1985"-ish.

You definitely want a name that stands out if your candles are "premium".


Consumer A buys your "premium" candle and tells her friend about. Friend says, "Who's it by?" Consumer A says, "I'm not sure something ScentSations". Friend, now turns in to Consumer B and says, "Don't worry, I'll just look it up on the internet." Since most of us carry a lot of the same scents, it would not be hard for Consumer B to miskate another "ScentSations" as your company. Not only are they buying from the wrong company, but this company may not have the quality of candles you do. Consumer B buys candle and it sucks. Now your rep is ruined because of this whole name displacement deal.

You may really love the name-- but if you love it, 100 other people have loved it and got into business before you and have/are using it.

Naming your company is like naming your baby-- they are stuck with it for life, and so is your business, so choose wisely. It is hard (welcome to the business world!), but once you find it, nothing will satisfy you more than to see it on a business card or brochure.

Best wishes!

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ok, so you have a start - you are figuring out what your business is about and where you want to go.

I mentioned the towns, streets, etc becuase a name could come out of it. Not neccessarily Texas Candles. I live on Elmwood Ct. I almost went with Elmwood Court Creations. I liked the sound of it, and it would travel with me and still has a history to it. KWIM?

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Candleman, all this brainstorming must be getting to you! First you say you want a name that isn't too restrictive so that you can add fragrant sprays, etc.--then you come back with "Candleman's Candle Co"!

The illiteration, is actually quite good, and I think people would remember it. Maybe you could even shorten it to simply "Candleman's". I think that sounds kind of chic.

Yankee Candle Company not only sells candles, they also sell linen sprays, countertop cleaner, housecleaning wipes, shower gel, hand cleaner, etc.

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