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Well I make my own with blank labels that I purchase from www.laserinkjetlabels.com. I use a inkjet printer right now. I made up my own design with stickers an an avery art design program. I am pretty computer incompetent, but it is working for me right now. I think there are some label designers on here. I purchase my votive warning labels from PEAK all made up with my name on it and such because I can't seem to do ones that small very well. Play around with it a bit. If you go to the seach button and put in labels you will get to see some pictures of labels that people use. You can also look in the gallery. If you go to the bottom of the main page and go to archives you can pull up a lot more information too (ignore if you have done this already..LOL). Good luck, labels can be tough, but I think they are really important for the personality of your product.

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