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I think its ruined!!!


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Ok I tried this recipe:

Castor 3,2oz.

AKO 3.2 oz.

Avocado 1.6oz.

Coconut 4.8oz.

Shea Butter 1.6 oz.

Olive 12.8oz.

Lard 4.8oz

When I combined the lye water and the oils. It immediately became thick before I even got to stirring well. What do you think caused it? I mean it looked like it had traced already. Does the temperature of the oils have something to do with it.

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If you used your lye water immediately after you mixed it, it's temp was probably up around 200F. If you had also melted all your oils, your temps were probably pretty high all around, so that might have caused it. Did you measure your temps?

Temperatures can have a *lot* to do with how things work. While you start out, measure temps so you can see what's going on - keep everything in the 100-110 range for best results. Once you see what's happening, you can play around with your temps.

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It sounds like things were way to hot. It looks like you did not use FO or EO. Sometimes that is what causes an instant set-up. I use room temp lye (usually mixed the night before) and oils around 120 to mix.

There is always rebatching......

That little bit of temp. difference would mess up my soap? Darn it! Oh well try again tmw

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