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Kinda confused molds


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Mmm price.

Bittercreek seems to have more varieties in terms of metal and about the same in aluminum.

One place is not necessarily better than the other. Both have really good customer service.

As for metal and alum., which is better comes down to preference. Alum. doesn't have a seam that has to be trimmed and metal usually does. Metal gives you more variety. Alum tends to work better for some applications, but you can get shinier candles with the tins. Alum, IMO, lasts longer than the tins and are easier to clean up.

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Whats the differences between the round molds on Bitter creek then peaks, The only differences i see is the bottom. What else is different? What are better ones?



Hi Lisa. The molds you see with the base at the bottom are made of tinned steel (sheet metal). The round metal ones without the base are seamless aluminum.

Both work fine. When it comes to just a plain round mold, people who make a lot of candles often prefer the aluminum ones (no base) for a variety of reasons, but you can really pick either one. With the aluminum you'll usually have a concave top and beveled edge, and with the other you'll get a flat top and a sharp edge.

I think if you are just learning and plan to wick your mold in the traditional way, you might find the tinned steel molds with the base a little easier to use. You can also click here for good instructions on how to make a pillar with one of those.

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Personally, I cant stand metal molds. I got one for my first mold, made a candle, then bought some alum. molds from Peak and I love them! I love that I dont cut up my hands trying to clean them out and i love the concave top that you cannot get with metal molds! I would definately go with alum!!


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