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A newbie question-MP


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It would probably be difficult to wick because of the high meltpoint.

In a perfect world you would want to have a midrange meltpoint for pillars - thats around 135 to 145F. (57C to 62C).

There are things you can add to container candles to make it easier to burn but honestly I don't know if they would apply in your type of wax. (petrolatum, vegetable oil, mineral oil).

Another thing would be to blend it with another lower meltpoint wax - even something like pillar soy wax.

Sorry can't be of more help ...

(PS - you can also try to make tapers with it since the diameter is relatively small - haven't tried it, but figured I would mention it - just a guess.)

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I totally agree with Henry. You can make pillars with it, but it make be difficult to wick. I've made pillars with hurricane wax and it's an interesting experience.

What I've done in the past is add container wax, soy container wax or a good bit of Crisco to these waxes. With this high a meltpoint you could easily add 30% of a container wax and still have it easily release from the molds and work as a freestanding candle. The really high melt point waxes can be quite brittle, and adding container wax or Crisco can prevent that.


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