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Pillar-Votive Blend

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I just got my sample of Ecosoya's Pillar/Votive wax. However, it did not come with any instructions. When I went on the suppliers website, it said to heat to 180, add color and fo, then wait until the cool/slushy stage to stir and pour.

Can anyone tell me if they are the right directions for this wax? I've read a number of different things, but I'm hoping someone who uses it and has had good results will be able to help me.


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I have used the Ecosoya Pillar/Votive wax in the past and these are NOT the correct instructions. You can heat this wax to 180*; then pour into a pour pot; add your color and fragrance (stirring with each additive addition) and then pour it. The slushy stage of pouring soy/natural waxes pertains to the container waxes not the votive/pillar waxes. The votive/pillar waxes should be poured hot. You will have to do a repour with this wax also. The repour needs to be heated 5* - 10* degrees hotter than your original pour so the repour wax will adhere to the wax you have already poured. If you are doing pillars, do not forget to do relief holes. If you are doing votives, the relief holes are not necessary. Take a look at the green column to the left of the Message Board (Basic Instructions)...there is alot of useful information in pouring pillars and votives. HTH

Edited for further Basic Instructions: You will have to go to Access the Archives in order to get to the Basic Instructions. HTH

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