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Where to find snowman


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I got 2 black garbage bags full. Well, not all are snowmen, some are chrismooses, some teddy bears. They range from 6" 10 12" sitting down. We went to the world longest yard sale in August. A gal had boxes and boxes that she had bought as a lot. Some do have dates embroibered on the bottom of their foot(but I can remove that and after dipping it wont even show). The more I bought, the cheaper they got, especially after she found out what I was doing with them. Discounted price for crafter sake, she said..LOL. I had gone back and got more a second time. Ended up being about 40 cents each by the time I was done :shocked2:

Ok, this isn't helping you find any :undecided But I was so thrilled with the great deal I found, I'd been dying to share, then put em away and forgot them :D

So far, this is what I've found (depends on how many you want)...




You have to create an account to see prices here, but prices are good and reg is free ;)

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