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lye from lowes...(dumb question of the day lol)


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nevermind...found the info..

just to let everyone know, I found Roebic Crystal Drain Opener from Lowes - its 100% sodium hydroxide and its pretty much the same price as Red Devil, and comes in a 2lb container ;)

wooohoo, I went to Lowes yesterday and sure enough they still have this on their shelves still. thank you thank you for the heads up, glad i was browsing the archives.

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AND save the bottles.

They make great molds (there's a thread about it here somewhere) about cutting off the bottom and filling from there with the cap on. Lube really well with mineral oil.

Also, should you ever buy lye in bulk, or split a purchase with someone nearby, these are obviously great containers for it!

Just be sure to clean them out since lye is (doh!) dangerous. I run mine through the dishwasher, cap and all!

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