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Adding paraffin to soy

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I'm getting down to the last effort here! Point me in the direction as to what paraffin (seem to be as many as soys) would I add to the 100% soy, and in what % to get a clean burn and good scent throw. This is how I feel! Tonight I'm adding crisco (read about it on the forum) and starting to feel like this! :eek: TIA! Beth

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Maybe someone else can help who's actually done this, but what I would do is use a straight paraffin (to avoid any other additives in the preblends) at the lowest amount possible. I've read that if you use too much it will start making the wax pull away from the jar, and if that isn't uniform, you'll have wet spots. I would try to use it just as you would use an additve, perhaps at 2% first. This is what I would do if I was trying to blend my own.

I see you asked about joy wax. A lot of people like that wax and it has very little paraffin in it. Have you tried any of the J waxes? I've not looked into them much but I know at least the J300 has a good amount of soy in it and pulls fully away from the glass.

My last suggestion is to go over to the KY board and post there for this. Those folks on there are really into mixing up waxes to try to perfect different blends.

The only premixed paraffin/soy blends I've tried are the KY parasoy (I liked it) and IGI 6006. The 6006 was ok and you can get it at many places, but I wanted to get away from doing a second pour in containers. Both of these waxes are "sticky" slab forms of wax but easy to cut. I have not tried the KY perfect blend but I'm sure there are some posts on the archive board - and also on the KY board.

All of the soy/paraffin blends will necessitate that you wick down - sometimes a few sizes if you use wicks like CDs or LXs - or else you can get smoking. I think I actually went down 6 sizes (!) from the KY125 to the KY parasoy (if you count the LX21 in the series).


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Thanks Henry! Going down in wick size is what I need. With my soy, I can't get a full melt pool in an 8 oz. jj with a 62C. Your idea of adding the paraffin like an additive sounds like a great idea. Just keep adding more until you achieve the desired end. I'm really not an nut case, just sound like it in my posts...this soy is driving me crazy! I haven't heard about the J waxes but will do a search I guess I am just too tight to want to dump all my wax and just order more. I'll see what the crisco does for wicking and then order a slab of paraffin and start adding! If that doesn't do it, I may give in and go for the Joy wax or J wax or something on that line. You are never critical even of us with dumb problems. Thanks again for all your good advice! Beth

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