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Ecosoya CBA- new version?


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It was reformulated to address the scent throw issue (what I heard). Here are some threads:



If you got yours in June it most likely was the old version. AFAIK, BCN was the first to have this at that was around the beginning of the second week of July. So you know, candlescience.com now sells BOTH versions. They call them "advanced soy" and "advanced soy 2".

Now that I got the 2% stearic thing down, I like the new version much better and won't bother with soy/paraffin blends for containers. The old version had a lighter throw, and got wet spots after about a day (that varies though with a lot of things). The new version has a better throw, and does not have wetspots. I had issues with small sinkholes with the new though. The 2% stearic seems to have solved that - so far the containers I'm burning have none on the top, nor inside.

If you are worried about wicking - don't be. The wicking has not changed between versions. Still burns very easy.


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So when I order again, which will probably br next week, I'll need to ask what I'm getting. I know you love all this testing stuff Henry, but can I tell you; I HATE IT! If you say there's no wick issues, i beleive you, oh God of candlemaking!!:wink2: And I get so caught up in my own business and what I'm doing, I don't check the forum out regurally! Need to factor you all into my routine! You all are a wealth of valuable info, but only to those who stop by to read it!

Thanks, once again!


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Actually, no, I hate testing, but its necessary to find a combination of products that give you the results you want. People have different expectations and so define "success" differently. Therefore, even though a thread can point you in a possible right direction, one personally still has to go through the process.

As for the wicking, I still use an LX24 in 2.5" straight sided containers - whether the old, or the new version. I haven't tried the 2% stearic in these jars, but I don't think it will make a huge difference.

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