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Need quick answer about salts.....


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Ok here is what I found on these salts:

Dendritic Salt: Dendritic salt (sodium chloride) is a very fine grain salt which has been crystallized to provide greater surface area. The increased surface area helps to retain fragrance, requires less pigments and reduces clumping. By adding approximately 5% dendritic salt to your bath salts, your bath salts will retain their fragrance longer than without the inclusion of dendritic salt. Combine dendritic salt with medium and/or coarse grain salts if you prefer chunkier salts. To use, mix your essential or fragrance oil with your dendritic salts and then blend the dendritic salts into your other salts.

Very interesting, learn something new everyday, and of course every time I DO, I lose a little more money!! LOL:laugh2:

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