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NG is awesome. I don't have any compaints about them at all. What oils are you looking at? Their FO's are wonderful!

Thanks Terrie. I need Blackcherry bomb and muscadine. I was buying both from a lady that has a candle shop, she lives about 30 miles from me and she wants 18.95 per lb. plus taxes, so considering gas the way it is going off this mountain and back up another mountain to buy it, I'd come out better by buying it at NG (I found out that's where she buys hers from) even with paying shipping. NG FO's that I need are 13.95 lb.

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i love ng's fo's...

here are some that i use that are super strong:

orange juice cake

raspberry zinger

christmas splendor


curve for men

black cherry bomb

tropical blast

blueberry muffin

cherry pie

banana kiwi

oh i know there are more but thats all i can think of off the top of my head!!

hope that helps:cheesy2:

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They were one of the first suppliers I ever ordered from when I first started out, and I still to this day usually order on a monthly basis!! :)

Love thier oils, and yes everyone is right, CHRISTMAS SPLENDOR is AWESOME..

I change the name to just Splendor after Christmas and it sells all year round. :)

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I love NG. THey are less than 10 miles from my house. I place orders all the time. The best part is that I can smell the oils when I stop in, instead of having to buy samplers. They have them all up on the wall. I am addicted to the Mojito. SO many great FO's.

Try hillbilly homebrew it is awesome, smells like mulled cider. It would be a good one for fall. I love thier tulip.

butt naked, lick me all over, hydrangea, the grape and muscadine, merlot is good, oh and many others I will add as I think of them.

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Thanks all. Just placed an order with them. I got a few samples just to try, plus a lb of black cherry bomb and a slab of the joy wax and a few other things, now can't wait til Monday to get these.....and I wonder where all my money goes.....Remember that song "Up in Smoke" well I guess mine goes "Up in FOs" :D :D

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