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Party display shelf


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Here is a better pic (I hope) of my collapsable display shelf that I take to my home parties. It holds all of my products, candles on the narrower shelves, and all my b/b stuff on the lower shelves. Then the very bottom shelf is used for my boxes and such.

Here is the front view:


Here is the side view:


Here is the back view:


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Holy Smokes.. that is awesome - did you (or hubby) make that Heather?

Hubby??? ROFLMAO!! Nope, I made it. Will have to take another pic, once I get it tore down, lol! The back is all one piece.....the sides fold in, and then the back fold together, so it is all one piece. Then each shelf is one piece, except for the wider shelves have two boards. I used doll rods to stabalize it, and to make set up and tear down easier. So basically, you drill a hole in the shelf (top, bottom, and middle shelves) then their is a doll rod in the frame. So you just slide the shelf over the rod, and bingo, it locks and holds in place! Slip the board off, pile them up, and haul them out! This stands 6 1/2 feet tall and is about 3 1/2 foot wide. But very easy to handle even if you are by yourself, like I normally am!

Thanx guys!

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You all crack me up:D If you seen my house, and how it isn't no where near finished, you would run screaming, NO--don't let her anywhere near our houses, lol!

For those curious, The entire thing is made out of 1x2 boards. Yes, the back is hinged together, and then the sides are hinged to the back. The dowl rods are in the shelves. If you look down onto the shelf, you will see a hole with a rod in it. The 1x2 boards also hold the shelves up for support, then I just drilled a 1/4 hole into the 1x2 (going into the 2 in side) and then hammered a rod thru it. Then the shelf has a 5/16 hole to make it a tad sloppy so the rod fits thru easy. I hope this makes since. I will try to get it loaded with product for a pic, and also try to take some pics of how it is put together! My shelf is 6 1/2 foot tall and the boards are about 40 inches wide. Hope that helps!!

Shipping would be a real mother on these, so sorry, I am not for hire! And I am not that nice either, LMAO!

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Yeah I know! Had I of known there was a little party, perhaps Rockin could have gone lol! I was tied here working :( Bet you're lovin' that shelf!

Come on down anytime girl! Kim is already talking about coming back :wink2: She probably just wants another shelf, since I wasn't able to finish this one for her. Plus we ran into the problem of it fitting in the car, since she decided on a floor model :o

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