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Hi all got a question- I just got my peaks samples and they are very strong OOB

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For your heavier oils I would go 1 ounce per pound and work your way up from there if needed..as the aisian sandlewood.. the patchouli, the vanilla amber one.. .. I am sure the coconut and the peach you can go up to the 1.5 ounce..per pound..it is a matter of preference for each of us.. and then sometimes with the heavier oils you still might have to tweek it down less then the ounce..what you need to do is test each one first...as for testing I would start with the heavier oils at maybe .75 of the ounce and if that does not do it for you you can always remelt the prepared wax and add the rest of the sample and test again for hot throw..but remember you still have to cure the soy.. give it at least 3-5 days for curing.. other fo's you will find need more of a cure..I have heard a lot of great things about peaks fo's.. but unfortunately when I had my samples ..was right at the time when all the bad wax was out.. so it was a nightmare and I could not get anything to throw..along with a waste of time and money..:sad2: ..but they all sure smelled great...


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