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CP Lemon Verbena & Raspberry Cordial - UPDATE new raspberry pic


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Here's what I've been doing for the past couple days.

The first is a basic olive oil recipe scented with SW's Lemon Verbena with ground calendula flowers in the soap & topped with whole calendula petals.

Next up - Robin's Basic Rice Bran Oil Recipe (Thanks Robin!) freshly cut scented with CC's Raspberry Cordial. Raspberry fibers throughout topped with raspberry seeds. Thinking of naming it Raspberry Bliss - what do y'all think?



Thanks for looking!

Here's the raspberry (which does smell incredible btw!!) a day later.


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Thanks everyone! I sliced the lemon/calendula a bit thin, so I guess I'll just have to make more ;) The raspberry's already darkening up quite a bit.

This afternoon I marbeled vanilla with pear - it's gelled nicely and I can't wait to cut into it tomorrow. Will post more pics when I can!

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Looks great but beware of the Raspberry Seeds! They can make sandpaper soap. For the next time, you can crush them with a mortar and pestal. They are just too big and scratchy (although they look quite innocent). Been there, done that. :wink2:


LOL, that's why I just used them as a topper, though I admit I did get a little carried away with them. I'll have to warn people about that, thanks! The fibers shouldn't be scratchy right?

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