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Help With Scent!!!

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I own an online craft consignment shop that I recently started. I decided to start making candles to sell. I am new at this and am using Paraffin wax. My candles smell okay but nothing to brag about. I have another crafter that does Soy and her candles are AMAZING!!! They smell SO good! I get all my items from Cierra Candles. I use 1lb CW129 wax, 1 oz. scent, and 1 tsp. vybar. I don't want my fo to separate from the wax so I don't want to use too much. I make votives, tarts, and containers. Can anyone give me suggestions?


I updated this post with all the details. Anyone?? :-)

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Hi Lisa, and Welcome to the wonderful addiction of Candle Making!

I have a few questions for you: What type of wax, specifically, are you using? Is it a hard wax? Does it already contain an additive? Is your Fragrance from a Supplier or a craft store?

Depending on the type of wax, you may be able to add up to 1 1/2 ounces of fragrance per pound of wax. If the wax you are using is a "pre-blend" wax it may already have the additives you need. If that's the case, your vybar may be binding the fragrance into the wax, preventing the fragrance from actually throwing.

Also, where your fragrance come from is very important. Most craft store fragrances are not as strong as fragrances you will find at a Candle Making Supplier. For a list of suppliers, check out the links page here:http://www.candletech.com/links/Candle_Making_Supplies/

How soon after making your candle did you burn it? If you made it yesterday and burned it last night, it may be possible that you have candle nose. (Your nose is still aclimated to the smell and not as sensitive to it.)

I hope that helps some. Welcome to Candletech, you'll love it here!

Happy Candle Making!

Jessi & Jeri

AAA Candle Supply, Inc

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Thanks for your quick replies.

I use a blended wax that called for 1/2 tsp of vybar but it said it holds up to 9% fo with additional vybar. Maybe it meant it would hold upto 9% if I add the 1/2 tsp versus not adding any???? I don't know what you mean by hard wax, it's hard and comes in a large slab.

I get my fo from Cierra Candles on the net. Does anyone know if that site is good?

I wait the 24 hours before burning. I have a few I've made a month or so ago, not burned and you have to shove it up your nose to smell it a TINY bit.

ARGH!! :-)


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I started out using supplies from Cierra, and yes, they are a reputable supplier, albeit pricey. Which wax did you get? They have several different waxes. The one I started with I believe was CW129, and it had awesome throw, but was extremely sooty. If you give us some more specifics, we should be able to help some more!! ;)

Welcome to the board, btw.

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That wax you use is also known as IGI 4616 and I personally LOVE it for my votives/tarts/tealights. However, didn't love it in a container.

The instructions say to add 1/2tsp vybar to be able to use 9%, yet if you are only using 6% (about 1oz) FO you don't need the vybar.

You can definitely find a cheaper wax, with less shipping from a supplier closer to you. Like Terrie said, Cierra is expensive and that wax is especially pricey.

What type/size of wick are you using in what type/size container?

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I applaud that you want to make a nice candle.

However, being that you're just starting, it would probably be easier if you concentrate on one type first, ie container, tarts or votives. Start with just a couple scents and get them wicked correctly and good safe burn, then add more. Once you get the hang of one type, then add another. It is really easy to try too many things to begin with and get overwhelmed because you're moving back and forth. Testing takes a lot of time, money, patience and determination.

Good Luck :)

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