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Tealight Wicks


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I've been using the TLs from http://www.candlescience.com/site/shop/wick/assemblies/pretabbed-wick.php The 13 through 18 will work with straight paraffin usually - its just how hot you want them to burn. You can get a sample kit from them, and the sample kit DOES have all the sizes 13 - 31, even though the website says 13 - 21. These assemblies do have a 15mm base so they WILL fit into the indent of a standard tealight cup. I use the 15mm wick stickums from BCN.

or been tabing my own with the wTA3789 from http://secure.candlesupply.com/catalog_page.cfm?queries_index=index7&ProductCodeID=36&ProductSubCodeID=65


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I have googled and looked at supplier sites until I'm crosseyed. I need some tealight wicks that fit the cups I have. 10-15mm base with 3mm neck (Thanks for that info Cet) At this point I don't care if they are zincs, lx or whatever.
http://www.candlescience.com is a good place for tealight wicks.

(Oops sorry, I see this was mentioned already.)

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