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package soap or not?


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I don't know if I want to package my soap or not. I'm afraid if I don't my soaps will get "beat up" at shows. I already know I don't want to use boxes. And I'm not crazy how my soap looks shrink wrapped. For those that sell their soap "naked" do the get beat up or damaged? I plan on having a sample bar out for people to smell. Tell me what I should do??:confused:

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I use to sell them in a box with a clear lid and a gold stretch bow. That got tiring really really fast! I've tried the cigar bands, they got dirty easily. Then I tried all naked bars in baskets. Well it became really difficult to put the bars in packaging and label the packaging when the customer had their money in their hands - especially if they were buying 6 bars.

So what i did was put them in the oval cut boxes and a label on the back. Then, I had one bar in front - naked. The customer can see/smell the naked bar and then can pull up to 4 of the same scent in the basket.



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I am a naked bar girl. :D

I did it just this way for our market. Eco-friendly, no waste in packaging, they use the soap and do not buy it because it has "pretty" wrapping on it.

When I really started marketing my business a couple of years ago I would wrap in fabric and then make a cigar band. I spent more time wrapping then making soap. Too time consuming.

I have a lot more repeat customers now because they are actually using the soap and not leaving it wrapped because it looks nice.

I am having custom boxes made for Christmas to place a bar in if customers are purchasing for gifts. I needed something that will look nice but not take hours and hours out of my soap-making time.

I think that it is personal perference for most and depending on the image that you want for your business.


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