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coloring CP soap


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OK, so I know you guys are getting tired of my questions. I promise that I AM

doing my research and have tested several different things. However there are so many options to choose from. So, I am asking the pros once again.

What is your preferred method to color your CP soaps?

What type of colorant will give you the most consistant results?

I have used some oxides, ultramarines and natural colorants such as tumeric and cocoa powder. I am thinking about ordering some Aussie clays. I have found that at least one of my ultramarines will not produce a true color, I'm thinking it may have something to do with the color of my oils but not sure. May be the FO. Some other colorants I can't get to completely mix up. :undecided

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Judy

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Can't say that I am a pro but here are my thoughts - I have not used the clay for colorants ( I have used some for the properties they add to the soap) I have used and still do ( depending on what effect I am looking for) use natural colorants but I perfer to use oxides and ultramarines. What color are you having issues with? I think I know but would like you to say first.

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I did years of testing color before I started selling my soaps. The most tried and true colorants that I have found is from the Pigment Lady. You can google pigment lady and get the website. Her colors are awesome and hold true. You use just a tiny bit of powder. I mix mine with veggie oil and beat it with a fork to get the clumps out and then mix it with my soap. When I do not use a natural colorant, I use her pigments.

You can get a lot of color change from FO also. The suppliers that I purchase from will list the colors that the CP soap will change with no colorant added just from the FO.

China Rain- light mauve

anything with vanilla- browns

Blueberry- grey

Baby powder- brown, etc.


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Browns I use cocoa powder.

Blues, purples, greens I use ultramarines.

Red I use aussie clay or oxide.

Black I use oxide or clay.

Yellow & orange I use oxides.

Micas I use for gold and copper - I don't use them for other colors.

Everything else is carrot juice, tumeric, or speckly with herbs, or colored with EOs like lemongrass & litsea, or discoloring FOs..

Your oils *will* make a difference - olive oil has a yellow cast that will change colors. And some dyes just change color naturally in a high pH solution, that's just what they do. Sometimes you have to use more than you think to oversome your oil color. I've got a great Fruit Slices bar that was supposed to be orange but ended up brown - yuck :)

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