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What are these J waxes...?


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Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie and I keep seeing different waxes but I'm not sure where you get them from, what type of wax it is or anything. I have seen J50, J223 and a lot of others. Can someone tell me what type of waxes these are and how well they work for you? If you have a resourceful website that I can see the information about the different waxes, that would be great too!

I am using the NG Joy Wax for my containers but I am learning about different products so that I can test out what would work best for me! Thanks in advance.

Oh, also what are the different wicks the look like 34-40z? Are those codes or sizes? LOL I am trying my hardest to figure these things out but looking at the suppliers it doesn't really give much information about the numbers!



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Those are Astorlite waxes- more info can be found here:


The website will tell you what wax works best for the application you are looking for. There are a TON of J users on this board.

The wick numbers are the sizes (thickness/length) followed by the letter which usually indicates the prime material used or brand of wick. I'll have to look for the wicking comparison chart~ it escapes me at the moment but I will post it once I find it.

This isn't a real extensive chart- but I will post it anyways.


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Your welcome. :) Here is the other wick chart:


Candlewics catalog has a very detailed explanation of wicking. I just can't seem to find it online without downloading the whole catalog... LOL!

Is this the one? I had it saved in my favorites. http://www.candlewic.com/candle-wicks/pop-spools.asp

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