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What do you use glue dots or

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I use a Hot glue Gun,,Whenever I get my containers I wick ALL of them and then let them set for a day. If I have time.I find when I do this I can heat my jars without the wick coming loose. But you can wick your containers and use them right away also. Others use wickums. HTH:grin2:

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I believe the main place that people are getting them from is Bitter Creek. Their Stickums have a handy little tab for peeling off the backing.

The Candlemakers Store claims to have invented this product and sells something called Wick Stickers that looks like exactly the same idea.

Finally, if you don't need your stickums cut into a round shape that matches the wick tab, you can use double sided foam mounting tape from the office supply store. Same basic concept. You want a heavy duty name brand tape like 3M.

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