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Maybe off topic? Anyone make Ear Candles?

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Here are some sites I found (do a google search under How to Make Ear Candles)





A WARNING!!! from one of the sites I found

"We do not recommend making Ear Candles at home. Most people are only able to obtain regular paraffin wax to make Ear Candles or processed Beeswax. Please DO NOT USE these products to make Ear Candles. The wax can and will eventually drip in yours or somebody else's ear - ouch! This is why the FDA and the medical community do not approve of Ear Candles. Poor workmanship has hurt our industry and has given Ear Candles a bad rap. We must be responsible for our actions."

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A craft store where I have my candles sells these....

They sell like hotcakes.

I personally would be scared to put that tube in my ear. The girl at the desk says it creates a vacuum and cleans out your ear wax. (Sucks it all out she says- sounds like she has a lot of earwax build-up!! Wonder if she has tried a Q-tip:rolleyes2 )

She also said just be careful you don't drip wax in your ear or on yourself!!! Sounds a little dangerous to me..

I am sure these work wonderful when used properly, but then you have to rely on the public to use them properly, that is scary!!!

Then possibly someone could or would turn around and sue you cuz it sucked to much wax out, or dropped to much wax in their ear and clogged it more.. :tongue2:

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I'm too chicken to try these, however, my mom and dad swear by this method of ear cleaning. They claim that after using these things, a q-tip would never do it well enough again :eek: Apparently, one doesn't realize how much wax they have in their ears until they use this method to clean them out. I'm willing to take my chances that NOT knowing isn't gonna hurt me a bit! Bawwwwk!

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This was posted a while ago in the candle cauldron's web site..shows warnings about this and explains why they say it can't work....It's interesting anyway


Some of those claims are very far fetched and rather unbelievable. As for their prrof of why they cant work (experiment with one burned in the ear and one not), I don't know how they got their results. Our whole family uses them. Purely for wax removal only. Mine have only been done twice as I don't have much problem with wax. My step dad is another story. His get done once a month otherwise he can't hear out of one ear because it produces wax too fast. I don't believe for a minute the wax in the cone is only from the cone itself. If that were so, every single pair my mom bought would have "excess" wax on just one cone and coincidence would make that one cone the one that always gets used in the left ear. Once a month for 2 or 3 years, I don't believe in coincidences like that. My daughter has the same problem with the right ear. We only use half a cone on left ear and one and a 1/2 on the right to clear all the wax.

Granted everyone has their own opinion and experiences. This is just ours ;)

Also, all cones ar not created equal. We have come across a couple types that didn't work at all. And none of the "mini" cones (1/2") have ever worked.

It is recommended to put a slit paper plate around the base in case the wax drips. It has only happened once and was one one of the poorly made ones.

I love to experiment and try making new things. Game for just about anything. Makling these is not one of them. I don't understand the dynamics of what makes it work enough to try making them and taking the chance of endangering my family. That's just my view though.

As for Q-tips... ask any doctor. Never stick a q-tip down in the ear either. If you use them, it's only to clean the opening. If you stick it down deep trying to clean, you will pack the wax. Not to mention it's likely you'll be embedding cotton fibers in the wax as well.


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Did you know that you aren't supposed to use Q tips for cleaning the inside of your ear. Tiny particles of the cotton can get into your ear and cause bacteria to become a problem. How do I know this, I had to go to a ENT for a bad ear problem that would not clear up and he had a fit when he found out I had been using Qtips to clean my ears. JMO

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