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Testing issues.....

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I have been testing the votives ive been making. I know ive asked lots of questions :o just wanted to let you all in on exactly how ive been doing things so you could give me some more tips. I made the votives with ecosoya vb, and HTP 62 wicks. I do not add any additives or dye, just scent at 125, stir it in, and pour at 125. I place the wick in when it starts to set up some so it will stick to the bottom of the mold, and try to center it best as possible. I used 1 oz of oil to 12 ounces of wax for each batch I made. They all have wonderful cold throw, but hot throw isnt the best. Ive tested so far, the caramel apple, sex on the beach, hazelnut, banana nut bread, & cookies for santa. All the scents are from bittercreek north. They all pretty much leave some wax on one side.

Sex on the beach: leaves some on one side, cold throw very strong, hot throw very light.

Cookies 4 Santa: Good cold throw, Melts evenly pretty much, no scent throw

Hazelnut: Strong cold throw, Decent hot throw, leaves just a little on the side.

Banana Nut Bread: Strong cold throw, light hot throw, tunneling down the middle, leaving alot on sides.

Caramel Apple: melting well, strong cold throw, very light hot throw

What am I doing wrong? Im using plenty of oil. Pour at a cooler temp. Add the scent just before i pour. When i asked about the wicks in another post they mentioned wicking up. Will the wick be too big for a votive with a HTP 73? Should I try a different wick or different wax? I am just looking for suggestions. I dont have a ton of money yet to play with, so was looking for some good advice before I change a whole bunch of things.

Thanks again!

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I did not see you mention if any of them cured before you tested them. As a general rule I don't like to use FOs that need a long cure time, but it is the nature of some types of FO. The banana nut bread for one - it may need a couple of days. I would think you could go up on the wick if you are getting a great deal of hang up, but how long are you burning them before they start to hang up? Usually if you experience hang up only on one side it is due to a non-centered wick. Sure it may start out straight, but many curl or go sideways when they burn, so you have to tell your customers to keep them centered while burning. Just some suggestions.

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well i dont want to add it at a higher temp cause i wont pour til 125, because when i pour at the recommended temp, 140..they crack alot. I always add it right before I pour. If i add it a while before I pour, wont it burn off some scent? And yes, they have all cured.

Sex on the beach cured 3 days, caramel apple cured 6 days, cookies for santa cured 3 days, hazelnut cured 3 days, and banana nut bread cured 5 days. oh and also its usually after about approximately 20-30 minutes and it starts to get some wax left on one side. I have the caramel apple votive lit now, and i can smell it pretty good, its in a small room, laundry room. but there is a little wax on one side. What do you think?

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too low of a temperature. I add @ 175 with soy as a rule, to make sure that it gets a chance to bind with the wax, and no, it does not burn off. I gave up on the VB, though. Too much cracking no matter what temp I poured at, sometimes only 1/2 a batch would crack, I couldn't find a common denominator to eliminate the problem. And I wasn't at all happy with the ones that didn't crack. They were dry and kinda chalky. Even if they don't crack when you've just made them, they could still crack later, especially if you have to move them around for shows and stuff. I tryed KY, and it performs well every time. The finished products are creamy, and it takes color much better. Great stuff!

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