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Using FO in gel


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Hi all!

Ive made a few gel candles but never scent them. This time I decided to use strawberry FO (it is compatible) in my red gel, and seems it kept the gel from gel-ifying..know what Im gettin at?

Even after sitting overnight, I touched the gel and it was all over my finger!

Does all FO do this to gel or might it have been just the one I used?


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fo used in gel candles needs to be non-polar.

if your fo is non-polar, i have several thoughts about what might haved happened:

1) you exceeded the fragrance load for the gel (penreco suggests 0-3% for low density gel and 0-5% for med and high density). that percentage is measured by weight, not volume.

2) the fo was not thoroughly mixed into the gel. you need to stir for a good couple of minutes to make sure that the fo is blended into the gel.

3) you may have added the fo when the gel was too cool.

do NOT burn the candle(s) with the fo problem. they would be a fire hazard.



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Since I'm a gel newbie, I set my kitchen timer to 2 minutes to make sure I stir the FO into the gel for at least 2 minutes. Also, based what I've read here and on the old board I do the polarity test on every bottle of FO I get for gel candles. Sounds like you need to just start over.

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