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Buying Lye question


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please bare with me, i want to get started making soap, ive read the three ways of making soap


cold proc

and hot proc

and i think that cold process would be the best "if you will". I was wondering how do yall make your soap? what is the best methods for you to use. Any information would help.

By chosing to go with cold process, from what i can understand i will need ess oils and LYE. Were can i buy lye? Ive looked around alittle but am having a hard time finding a site that sells it. Or can i buy it localy somewere.


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you should post this under the soap section or ask a mod to move it. I can't helpto much.Sorry! Check out the soap section for many answers. Lowe's, hardware stores, some wal-marts carry lye. there is a big long thread baout the fact that many people use it to make meth so it is being removed form many store shelves, depending on the area

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Don't worry- one of the mods will move it. ;)

You can buy lye online or at select hardware/grocery stores. It is becoming harder to find these days since we live in the *meth* capital of the world.

Here is a link to a basic starter CP kit that comes with the mold:


Here is Robins link to the CP tutorial:


Here is a link about soapmaking with basic instructions & recipes:


You don't need essential oils to make soap. Basic ingredients can be found locally and online. Here is a link for oils for soaping:


Link for Lye online:


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I already do B&B, but haven't made any CP soap yet.

MP soap is the easiest. But I have a mainly vegan market so I sold most of my MP supplies as they don't go with my "natural" theme.

I have been researching soap for over 6 months, so when I actually get the time and the inclination~ I shall be prepared. I have every element for soaping already in stock. Just not alot of time these days.

The veteran soapers- let me name a few~ are very helpful on this board.

If you see any posts from Lizzy, Sara, Robin, Kimberly, Eugenia, Choicey, Bunny, Cnbrooks, Sune42, Elizabeth, AngieM or EB Candles, your in good hands.

If I forgot anyone- please forgive me. :cheesy2:

Edited to add: Check out these two forums:

The Whisk:


The Dish:


There is a TON of information on soaping available online. More than you will ever learn from any text book, IMO.

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Check out Robin's CP tutorial..


Once you know this completely inside and out check out How to Build a Soap recipe..


Welcome to a new addiction!

(and thanks for the recommendation Mystical!)

Edited to add:

You can get lye from local grocery stores, not the big dogs or hardware stores. Look in the plumbing section for stuff called Red Devil, it's in cans that have red tops.

You don't need essential oils to make soap, I would recommend starting with soap safe fragrance oils to learn with, and you may even decide you like it better! I do some of both.

Please feel free to ask questions and search the B&B forums for a wealth of knowledge also!

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