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Need Help Choosing Wicks!


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So its me again. I am trying to order more wax because I must definately have bought the wrong type. I absolutely cannot get the candles out of the molds without breaking them all up. So yes I am feeling quite frustrated with my new hobby at the moment. And I dont plan on giving up because I have already spent WAY too much money.

So my new problems lie with not having a clue what type(s) of wick to purchase...I am looking at many charts but not understanding what the difference in them all are. Most seem to be identified by numbers...wondering if the numbers actually represent anything so I will know the difference between them? And all the letters as well? I feel like I am sinking here.... like I have no clue!!!


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This thread (http://www.candletech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10760) may give you a starting point to choose types of wicks to purchase. Definitely purchase a sampler pack of the types you choose- this will allow you to try different sizes of the wick type (which is what the number represents) to determine which wick is appropriate for your application. Most of the reputable suppliers offer wick sample packs.

You can also do a search on the board for the type of wax that you decide to use, and see what types of wicks work for others to give you another starting point. I believe that Peak's has a great description of each wick type that they carry and the applications for that type, as do most other suppliers.

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