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levine candle warmer ?


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I bought some of the Levine candle warmers, when Lorrie done the co-op for them and done a wonderful job of it. but this morning my DH brought one of the combo ones back to me that i sold to a guy for his wife, with tarts. he said it don't work. dumb me didn't check it before i sent it to him, my question is do i contact Levines and sent it back or chalk it up at a lost because i wouldn't have a receipt for it and probably would cost more to ship than it would be worth :undecided

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I would think that Lorrie should be able to contact them if it is a defective product. How long ago was the co-op?

If it is something you have to ship back at your own expense, I would probably write it off as a loss because it might cost as must to ship it as the price of the merchandise itself.

I dealt with Candlewarmers in the past and received a defective unit. They told me to destroy the defective unit and shipped me a replacement free of charge.

Who knows...it might be worth a try.

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