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Vermont Maple Syrup & Lemongrass EO soaps


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Here's two soaps I made that I squeezed into one of the busiest weeks I've had since school began. :( The Shaw Mudge Vermont Maple Syrup from SW smells great and is colored with a combination of gold, antique bronze, and black cherry micas for that maple fudge color. Used the tussah I got in the co-op and it seems to make a visible difference in the quality of the lather.


The other is lemongrass EO that I wanted to keep simple too:


Thanks for looking. :)

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Me to LaVida!! ;) Just kidding Brenda!! But I seriously have a green tinge to my skin every time I see her soaps!! LOL

I love love love all of your soaps and these are no exception Brenda!!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I just wanna know how the heck you get the tops so smooth and flat???????

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I'm sure she stole a magic mold from the troll under that bridge... yup, I'm pretty sure......

:D If I found a magical bridge troll you can bet I'd be asking for a lot more than a magic mold! Although, one that replenishes itself on a regular basis without having to purchase more oils might be nice.

Smooth tops, you say? I guess it's just the timing of the pour and the fact I make bars in a 32 bar mold that has lots of elbow room for moving the soap pot around.

Thanks for your nice comments. :)

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