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Brighter Scents Anyone?

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I just ordered a pile of stuff from them - I think the customer service is good, but I only ordered once and I got some things that they make "to order" - like the gel kits (I'm playing around with gel for the first time) so it took a week.

I also got a couple sample packs of scents as I had no gel-safe FOs (all in all around 30 1/2 oz. samples). They smelled as strong as anyone's IMO. There were about 4 I can't stand - just not my thing you know. One Ireally liked was basil sage mint - very nice blend in that no one note stood out of the others. Some of the ones in the Xmas pack are really nice - reminds you of Xmas but not pine-cleaner-like IYKWIM.

I have not poured any of these yet. (Sorry but they will be used in gel).

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