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Former Maker, Looking to get back into the game!


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Hi all-

I am a former candle maker, using one-pour wax in 8 oz tins. What is the latest for us tin-users? Any recommendations for wicks that won't mushroom or smoke a lot with a one pour wax? What are the most popular scents you all are selling?

Thanks in advance for the help! I want to start making again, but want to choose my wicks and scents wisely:)


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Sorry to say that I can't help you much on the wicks and tins part of your question, however I thought I would share what I have been selling a ton of.

The scents are:

Autumn Harvest

Apple Strudel


Clean Cotton

Cinnamon Buns



Home Sweet Home

Caramel Nut Cluster

Pumpkin Pie

Pretty much anything food or cinnamon. :D Hope that this helps some.

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