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Just a question!


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you do... what most people don't know is that stuff you use in a business is not automatically covered under your homeowners policy.. neither is the stuff in your car if your in an accident on the way to a show or home party...

if for no other reason you should have coverage for that...

not sure about everyone else... but I have a chunk of change in supplies in the house..

(FYI.. I am an agent)

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I can't find anyone that will cover candles, now B&B is just a little bit easier they all tell me it's to high risk. I want 1 policy to cover manufacturing, store contents & product liability.

A restaurant is high risk too, kitchen fires, hot food etc. but they get insurance. Even homeowners get insurance and they are more of a risk than me. What about grease fires & candle fires in the home, that's more common than a candle factory going up in flames.

I had a local independent agent check nation wide for coverage but when she called them, and told them it was for candle manufacturing, they said nope wont do it to high risk.

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