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Anybody recognize this style?


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I have an idea. I do think they're cool. I definitely (if I had the time or made the time) would want to experiment. I'm wondering if the easiest way wouldn't be to have silicone mold that produces the shell look and then fill it with was.

Looks like a shell made first and filled with wax to me too. I suspect that the shell is made in its rustic shape and then dipped into various colours of wax, then the candle poured inside.

They do look cool.


Then again, they don't really look dipped. One more mystery to solve in January....

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Yeah, I have been mind boggled over it the last couple days. Currently not working so I think I will have to experiment. If anybody figures out the mystery get in touch!

I was thinking it may have been a layer made in a cookie sheet, so it could be textured and color easily mixed.. but I see no lines, and I think most of the 'texture' would be rubbed off while pressing it onto the base candle.. Hmmm


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We have done similar but I don't have a pic of it. What I do have is a pic of the silicone mold we made from a log and poured as a whole. However we have done it poured as a shell with high melt point and an insert, then poured the inner with a lower melt point.

I think using the mold is the easiest way to get that outer texture.

Here is the mold poured as a whole pillar.



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