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Mixing your own scents?


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I am hoping for some advice on two particular scents....I am trying to mix my own Pumpkin Nog and Applesauce Gingerbread but I'm not really getting what I'd hope for by using the q-tip method. Has anyone on here been sucessful mixing these 2 scents? So far equal parts aren't giving me a good mix nor 2 to one? On the Applesauce Gingerbread I'm using a spiced apple with gingerbread, and the pumpkin nog, pumpkin and egg nog? Can someone here help me out? Is there another scent I should be adding?



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when I mix scents, I use a dropper and a shot glass. I sometimes only put two drops of something into 20 drops of something else. It all depends on what I want to be the stronger scent. My "Coffee House" scent is five different scents but you mainly smell the Coffee - the others are kind of an "after smell"... does that make sense? when you get something you think you like - put a few drops on a coffee filter and put it in another room for awhile. Then go back to it after awhile and make sure you still like it! lol


Life & Light!


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I start out with the q-tip method to get the general idea of how the scents will meld. If I like the mix then I make a tart or a M&P sample size soap for further testing. Then I go from there to adjust the % of scents. (Not familiar with the scents you're working with)

I have one mixture that I did with the q-tip method and didn't care much for the blend then sniffed it about a month later and the scents had melded into something rather special...the OOB might not be what you want but it could be better once it's the wax. HTH

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