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Glass container supplier in UK


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I'm having the same trouble. My current supplier who lives 5 mins away from me is stopping selling candle supplies and so i'm having to look for new ones she recommended a couple to me but they don't supply glass jars.i was browsing the internet the other day and found one that does a wide range of candle supplies but i can't remember jars only had a quick look.i think the web address is www.4candles.co.uk ? off the top of my head- left it in car but will let u no if it's wrong. I know hobby craft sales jars ect 4 glass painting but not sure if it will stand up to the heat and they're quite expensive 2!

I'll let u no if i find any coz i'd love some too!!! Hope this has been some help!:o

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Hi Sandi

The best you'll find in the UK for the more simple glassware like honey jars and hex containers are Ascott Smallholding Supplies...

Really fast and economical delivery costs... http://http://www.ascott.biz/cat119_1.htm

They also supply the Kilner style Le Parfait jars... There's also a cracking pack of four tumblers in Tescos for 80p (blue and white range) which can be used for very simple looking candles and take 160g or so of wax per tumbler...

Hope this helps...

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