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I just picked up some real nice buttons, pocket mirrors, magnets and notepads off etsy & I thought I would share my stash and my suppliers.

I just joined etsy and I am very happy to be doing business with people like me that have home businesses & I am very happy with their services - very professional and quick - oh and soooo damn cute!!! LOL

1" buttons itscute.etsy.com

2½" pocket mirrors collegemoney.etsy.com

1" magnets collegemoney.etsy.com

Little notepads thisandthat.etsy.com

All personalized with my company information on them - and they are to die for. Here is a pic of one of the buttons (this is the actual graphic on everything)


I decided on the second one, but this lady was so very nice - I changed my mind 10 times - no kidding & she put up with me every step of the way.

Awesome pricing too - she worked up a nice bulk deal for me!

College money did my pocket mirrors and magnets, then she sent me little samples of other things like key chains and bigger buttons for free :) ( I can't get the picture to shrink down, but if you want to see them, email me and I will send you the big honkin picture lol)

More pics of the notepads (mine are customized)


When you buy Indie you are helping all of us! :D

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How wierd all the links worked for me??

What a great idea-well ideas for promotional materials Jenny, but hey, there goes your raise!! LOL ;)

This pregnancy is keeping you up waaay too late with too much time on your hands to shop!! :D

When I pull up the first link though it takes me to a jewelry page??

I too buy indie if I can-what comes around goes around right? (I hope!!) ;)

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I wish the photos of the notepads were bigger.

So what are you going to do with the mirrors? Are they giveaways, or are you selling them? Did you pay $3 each for them or get a better deal? I could not afford to giveaway items that cost $3 (unless it was to only a few select customers).

If you look at the first link she gave for the notebooks you can click on the pic. on site and see it nice and big. ;)

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If I could figure out how to do things, it would be alot easier and yes I have too much time on my hands these days LOL

When you buy them in bulk you save quite a few $$$ - I agree, I can't afford giving away $3 items! These are just little things I put in orders or if I am doing a promo package with someone, I will send them over too.

I recently did a swag bag with every order this week when I rolled out my Bubblistic line. I teamed up with a couple of vendors that I thought my customers would enjoy shopping with. They sent me things like business cards, coupons, samples, buttons, jewelry, etc and I would put them all into this "swag bag" and into every order they went. (the bags were pretty big too - like a pound!)

I think helping each other out is a real good idea and even though alot of the companies I had in the bags were soap and candle places, I didn't mind because we are so different. Like comparing apples to oranges :)

Ok, I am going to work on those pics today as soon as I get caught up with all my emails.

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