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first try..few questions


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I tried my first batch with palm, coconut and olive oil...got the measurements from lye calculator on the web.

I got the trace after heating the lye water mixed oils for sometime and keeping on blending and stirring.

but after sometime, suddenly it became solid. No way to pour in to mould.

1. Can i remelt, and when it is in liquid state, can i repour?

I see in many instructions, the consistency would be kind of pourable. but mine was not.

2. I remelted the left out pieces and blended and poured again. It has come out ok, but kind of soft soap.

I am not able to understand the different stages... may be i would learn by doing some more times.

i am still not clear when to pour to mould, when its in thick liquid state, or when it starts hardening. because once it starts hardening, it does very fast.

I tried milk bath... Its superb!!!!

Thanx to the one who posted the recepie...

Is there any way to make bath bombs with same ingredients as milk bath powder?

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You should pour your soap as a 'newbie' at first trace... Trace is when you can take a bit of the soap with a spoon or your blender and drop it on top the soap batch in the pot and it leaves an mark for a second. It is not really thick but the consistancy is changing. It is difficult to describe but I am sure that I saw some pics posted before on what 'trace' looks like.

Did you add fragrance oil and if you did, did it get instantly hard when once you started stirring it in?

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no, i didnot add any fragrance oil. but may be i was stirring till it hardened. and when it starts hardening, it happens fast.

yes, i understood. when it comes to pourable think consistency, i can take from spoon and drop it in the pot, it should be like that for a moment.

i will try this time.

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Are you doing a cp or hp? Are you using a blender stick? You really don't need to pull out the soap to find out if it is at trace. Just left up the blender stick let it drip off and if it says on top of soap for a sec it is at trace. Hope this is helpful, if not just ignor me. I have only made 5 batch and the frist 2 was ugly and no one has seen it but me. I use it and it is nice soap but uggggly. oh Kathy miller has a great sight too for soap making...tons of info....I think it is kathymiller.com Not sure anyway hppy soapn

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