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Large Diameter Containers - Wicking Query


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Good evening all...

I'm in the UK and apologise if this question has been done to death in the past but having searched through a lot of the old threads it's difficult for me to visualise containers referred to as we don't actually have them available over here...

I've always been exceptionally lucky with my container candles in that I am able to buy a wick assembly from one of the (very few!) UK candle suppliers that have suited just about every container/wax combination I've used... They work fine and dandy in soy pellets and paraffin container wax (slab variety) up to a diameter of approximately 3.5" - but they don't work for me with the gloopier texture of Eco Soy CB135... The other downside is they're only 4" in length and the supplier has no 'name' for them - ie whether they are HTP etc - just that they are 'European' and they aren't giving up their supplier! :cheesy2:

I've recently been trying to use a jar which is similar in style to the US apothecary containers and using paraffin container wax in the slab format - fragrance oil at 6% and liquid dyes or the diamond shaped dye chips (the latter three imported from the US)... These jars have a diameter of 100mm or approx 4" and the wick's I've been using just don't do it... There is a 1/2" area of unmelted wax around the meltpool - no matter how many hours I burn it for... I use LX wicks in my pillars (imported of course! lol) and love the concentric burn pool they always give whether it's Eco Soy Pillar Blend or paraffin. I use an LX28 in my 3" diameter soy pillars and an LX30 in my 4" diameter paraffin/stearine pillar candles.

In these containers though, the LX30 burns the same as these little wicks I've been using in my previous containers... I've tried the HTP1215 which had a similar burn initially although subsequent burns did extend the burn pool but the darn thing started sooting quite badly and the flame couldn't stand still for more than a fraction of a second... I've also tried the HTP1315 which burned excellently for the initial burn and then turned into a flame throwing belly dancer on subsequent burns... Safe to say I got very hot containers, still not a complete melt pool in the four hours and enough soot deposits to rival a coal fire! :confused:

I would particularly like to use this style of container if possible as I am opening a retail shop shortly with my partner in crime and I think they'd look exceptionally smart on display - well, smarter than the l lb honey jars I've been using to date... Suitable, and attractive containers for candlemaking aren't exactly in great supply in the UK!

I appreciate I might have to consider double wicking these jars but I haven't got a clue where to start with that - so any advice would be gratefully received... If at all possible though I would prefer to single wick them so again, any advice is more than welcome!

Not having used HTP wicks before I'm not sure if they normally burn this way and I'm being a tad fussy - or whether there is an alternative that I'm as yet unaware of...

I really don't want to start a double vs single wicking debate - just looking for advice from both points of view on how to use these large diameter containers in a way that would be safe and effective...

Thanks in advance for any advice that gets thrown my way and thanks also for the many posts that I have gleaned invaluable information from in the past...

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