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I'm so proud!


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I don't know how much they hold but I got them at Walmart for $2.50 each. I've seen them at Hobby Looby for $3.99 but I thought that was too much so when I saw them at Walmart I snatched them up! LOL The pumpkin one is scented pumpkin spice and the acorn one is scented chestnuts & brown sugar. Thanks all for the encouragement!! :D

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From what I can see, those look nice.

It looks like you used the flash, or else that's light reflected from a light source elsewhere in the room. The best way to photograph those would be in indirect sunlight (to avoid bright highlight glares) or open shade.

I don't know how much they hold ....

Do you have a scale? If so, weigh each shape filled w/ wax, then weigh an empty one, subtract, & there's your solid volume.

weight of filled container

-weight of empty container

solid volume

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